What is the LEGO Showcase Event?

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What is the LEGO Showcase Event? Empty What is the LEGO Showcase Event?

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:04 am

We received a grant from Educational Blueprint Associates for a LEGO Showcase Event and will be hosting this event during the 2012 Robot Invitational.
Basically - it's a free-for-all LEGO building extravaganza!!
We have thousands and thousands of lego bricks, tiles, scenery elements, etc.... Children will be given a baseplate to work on and an hour or so to build. Once they have created their masterpiece it will be placed on a display table with all the models. A couple of times throughout the day the models will be broken down and the youth will have a chance to do it all again!

We can't wait to see the creativity on display!


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